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Gambling Addiction Information

Gambling addictions can be very serious and dangerous. The frequency of gambling does not necessarily lead to a gambling addiction. The consequences, stress and shame tend to. Gambling on sports games, card games, races…Etc, has been around for ages. For many its harmless and they go away with a bit more or bit less then what they started off with. Others have issues and tend to go too far.

The amount and frequency that people bet isn’t always the issue. As everyone knows, you win some and lose some while gambling. Problems start to occur when the losses add up and the gambling continues. Money that shouldn’t be added to the pot, such as rent money, food, utilities…Etc. Gambling addicts think that the only way out of the hole is to bet it all and win their money back. Putting themselves and family members at risk. There are certain things that should not be put at risk, and your family is one of them. Rather then put them in a deeper hole, open up to them and get their help.

Winning money through gambling is always fun, having a budget and not going over it can help you. Set yourself a reasonable spending limit and don’t pass it, even if it means going a bit negative. Keeping your spending under control is key. The mentality that you have to bet it all to win it all back comes with the stress and shame of losing a lot of your money. Getting help and realizing you have a gambling problem is the first step. Get your family to help you get through your problems. Not to pay for your debt, but to help you get out of debt. Paying all the debt away does help them financially, but it does not help them get over their addiction. Support them, don’t take all their issues and fix them for them.