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Alcohol Addiction Information

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue in present times. The amount of people with depression issues is on the rise and many turn to alcohol for relief which leads to addiction. For many, drinking alcohol starts off as a social habit and occasional affair. They drink when they go out or might have a couple glasses of wine after a hard day at work. Problems start to ensue when your tolerance for alcohol increases and it requires a larger amount to feel the same effect as before. You will drink more and more as your tolerance increases and will eventually over consume and have issues. People also drink to help cope with bad feelings, which also leads to alcohol consumption issues. They’ll drink whenever they’re sad , lonely or feeling down, giving them a brief relief from there problems. They will then depend on this short relief whenever they’re having problems, which leads to addiction and other problems.

Addictions take over your life. A big sign that you have a drinking problem is that you give up/have less time for activities that you used to enjoy.(hanging out with friends and family, working out…Etc) Denial is a large part of all addictions, many people deny that they have a drinking problem because they are ashamed of how much they drink. To move forward you have to accept that you have a problem. Another tell tale sign that you have a drinking problem is if you hide the amount of alcohol you consume from the people who care about you. Alcohol addiction is more about the consequences that come with the drinking then the actual amount of alcohol itself.

Alcohol addiction can lead to a variety of problems. It harms the people around you in various way, but it also has negative consequences on your body. Too much alcohol can lead to cancer, heart problems,liver disease and many other issues. Most things are good in moderation, alcohol is more so then others. Social use is acceptable, once you start over consuming, problems can start to occur.